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Welcome to Ribberfest 16!
While our website is certainly not complete (we’ll be adding features as we get closer to this year’s festival), several of the entry forms are available for download below.
We’ve included them in both .pdf and .docx form for your convenience.
Send your entry now, and check back regularly for more Ribberfest information!

Ribberfest 16 is proud to welcome Vickie Peyton and Dale Newstrom as your KCBS Representatives!

Organizer & Craft/Small Food/Vendor Coordinator:

Terry Beckerman

5726 N 1100 Blvd

Mt. Carmel, IL 62863

Email: maplehill82@hotmail.com

Cell: 1-618-263-2093

Team Coordinator & Non-Team Large Food Vendor Coordinator:

Chuck Johnson

5 Lambert Place

Mt. Carmel, IL 62863

Email: chuckjohnsonbbq@hotmail.com

Cell: 1-618-878-9028

Judges Coordinator:

Mary Duckett

308 West 6th St

Mt Carmel, IL 62863

Email: mkduckett@outlook.com

Cell: 1-618-263-2431

  • Team entry fee is $250 and includes entry into all four categories. Our receipt of your fee ensures your entry. Checks should be made to “Wabash Ribberfest” and be mailed to Mr. Johnson.
  • Competitive Teams will be allowed to vend for a fee. Application is available on this page.
  • We are open to Non-Competitive Food Vendors. Please see application.
  • Set-up may begin as early as 5pm, Thursday, April 23rd.